Meet The Squad

Brad Kraeling is your friendly neighborhood Game Programmer. His master plan is to save the world from boredom, one game at a time. This creative Software Development graduate loves to explore new ideas and is obsessed with game-feel and mechanics.

When he isn't out and about creating QUALITY CODE and STUFF for games he can usually be found cooking pizza, making YouTube videos, or hanging out with his wife. Also he has a slight obsession with MINI Coopers but let's not get into that.

Xan Farley, also known as Lithish, is the resident designer, artist, and wearer of many hats. Aside from their obsession with wizards and general hyperactive nature, they’re rather nice to be around, or at least they hope so. They have galaxy hair and a tendency to dress like an adventurer.

Xan is currently a student at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, where they cackle maniacally and make lava shaders. In their spare time, they draw wizards and related errata. While still cackling.

Erin Stearns, better known online as Nocollide (or Noco for short), is a Sound Designer and Music Producer who just started drinking coffee. A mastermind of all things audio and the most humble person alive, Noco also has some comedic tendencies. They're a business-minded individual, which is why they have an unhealthy number of Gmail accounts.

If their house was on fire and they could only save one thing, it would probably be the Push.

Our Games

Support System

An introspective puzzle platformer for one to two players -- produced at the 2020 Global Game Jam!

Rave Boss

The Squad's first game, produced at the 2019 Seattle Indies Game Jam!